A Nirendia Journey: The Mallories

The Mallories are one of two families that control the southern territories of Surdel. These families are so important and ancient that the scion of the family is officially appointed the title of High Lord by the royal family. The High Lord of the Mallory clan at the onset of the Age of Magic is Janus Mallory, father to Julian and Jayna.

Janus Mallory is known across Surdel as a pragmatic, bold, calculating, and even-tempered man. His family has repelled hundreds of orc attacks to keep the southeastern expanses of Surdel safe. The Mallories have also repulsed Visanthi pirates and armies sent to harass ports like Sevania and Fomsea and invasions that extended to Shirun and even as far north as Perketh and Dona. To keep the peace amongst the southern lords, arranged marriages are common between the Mallory and Vossen clans. Both families have rich heritages of Vossen and Mallory lineages, but no such marriage has taken place for Janus’ children, which is highly unusual. Tensions have risen and there are rumors of organized bandit raids in the Vossen lands that may have been ordered by High Lord Janus Mallory.

Janus first married Vanessa Vossen whom gave birth to a beautiful red-haired daughter named Jayna. Rumors swirled about Vanessa and infidelity for years before Vanessa died mysteriously without producing a male heir.

Janus remarried a local noblewoman Samantha Voltaire, who gave birth to Julian Mallory less than one year after the death of Vanessa. Because of the circumstances around Vanessa’s death and the rumor that Samantha was already pregnant when Janus remarried, relations between the Vossen and Mallory clans deteriorated further and quickly.

At the onset of the Age of Magic, the Mallory family is entwined in an unofficial feud with the Vossens. Raids have been reported on local tax collectors, causing the royal Eldenwald family to become involved by proxy. Meanwhile, Janus has requested High Lord Edward Vossen recognize and agree to formal marriages be arranged for Julian or Jayna, which have gone unanswered. The Mallory children are now in their early twenties and rumored to be inseparable, being often seen together at tournaments at Fomsea and King’s Harbor, a port in Vossen territory.

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A Nirendia Journey: The Rasalaseds

The human Visanth Empire was modeled after the dark elven Harenyadae Empire as both nations were neighbors south of the Small Sea. The Visanthi ruler family is the Rasalased family, which immediately before the Age of Magic is led by King Jofka and Queen Sabarna.

King Jofka was a conservative, traditionalist monarch in Visanth who became controversial in the years immediately before the Age of Magic. He was a carefree spirit who believed in projecting power over local kingdoms and municipalities, and this led to a direct conflict with the Kingdom of Surdel which destroyed much of Visanth’s navy and ultimately resulted in his assassination at the hands of Theodore Crowe of Surdel.

The consequences of Jofka raiding Surdel also include the militarization of his son, Crown Prince Jandhar, who breeds dragons to directly assault the Kingdom of Surdel. This invasion ultimately fails to conquer Surdel but significantly weakens the kingdom during a simultaneous invasion by Demon Lord Orcus, the Lord of the Undead, which has potential consequences for the entire world.

Under the direction of Roshan Rasalased, the second son of Jofka and Sabarna, the Visanth Empire rebuilds, regroups, and prospers. Unlike his father, who projects power and dresses ostentatiously, or his brother Jandhar who comes of age as a warrior wraith hell bent on punishing the men who killed his father, Roshan acts as spymaster and prefers to stay in the shadows. He acts through emissaries, generals, and nobility and matures into a competent leader through the careful instruction and guidance of his mother.

Queen Sabarna received a focused education and is a gifted researcher in archaeology at the University of Scythica in the capital of the Visanth Empire. As a widow of a king, Visanth culture expects her to stay in the shadows and guide her son King Roshan into leading his empire.

However, Sabarna is elevated to President and Headmaster of the University shortly after her husband dies, where she oversees daily research activity.

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A Nirendia Journey: Cedric and Allison Arrington

Cedric Arrington

Cedric Arrington, son of Sylas and Henrietta Arrington, lives at the foot of Mount Godun in the Kingdom of Surdel. Like his father, he becomes a paladin through an unbreakable oath to the Holy One, and eventually he leads the order like his father did. He even marries the first female paladin in history, Allison Arrington, who wields the Twin Sisters, one sword of which is created out of thin air by the Holy One.

Paladins may be some of the most important and powerful warriors in the land, but a paladin’s life is filled with sorrow. Outcast by the Kingdom of Surdel and not allowed to own land or titles, they live as vagabonds in a country that persecutes them. They remain in Surdel because that’s where they’ve known the demons will be breaking through the surface, and they’ve known an apocalypse is coming for thousands of years.

Cedric and Allison raise two sons Jonas and Sylas, each destined to become paladins as well, and a daughter Sarah who looks up to her mother. While Cedric is the leader, Allison is one of the most important paladins to ever exist. Unlike all other paladins who specialize in smiting and attacks, Allison’s swords specialize in protective magic–without which, the paladins would most certainly be doomed.

Allison Arrington

By the time that Cedric becomes the leader of the paladins, their number is reduced to dozens, but they are the only real force on Nirendia capable of fighting and destroying demons, thanks to their pact with the Holy One. But the Holy One is the very reason that the paladins are outcast, hated, and driven from most towns. She’s not the goddess every male heir to the paladin title is promised. She’s something else entirely.

As the demon lord Orcus rises from the underworld with an army of undead, the world changes, and the perception of the paladins changes with it. The Holy One and her order of paladins change too, inheriting new powers as she takes on a general, The Necromancer Ashton Jeraldson. As an apocalypse threatens, Cedric and Allison must own their past, present, and future; not only for the sake of their children, but also for the sake of all creatures on Nirendia. For no parent wants their child tumbling through the terrible Void, falling in tortured agony until finally called upon by a demon lord to perpetuate their suffering on another. And nowhere in all of the worlds of the universe does anyone fight harder against this future than Cedric and Allison Arrington and their three dozen paladins of Nirendia.

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A Nirendia Journey: Clayton Achates

Clayton Achates, son of Irma and Earl Achates, lives in the town of Perketh in the Kingdom of Surdel, where he trains to become the town’s next blacksmith under the careful tutelage of Master Nathan. Clayton marries a young, beautiful raven-haired girl named Riley and spends most of his days with his best friend Ashton Jeraldson and Master Nathan at the forge.

Except for each morning, when Clayton and Ashton pick morning glories for a daily bouquet to be delivered to Riley before forge work begins. Their routes always follow the main thoroughfares of Perketh, until one day, a fast-moving lord’s carriage cuts short Clayton’s life, right in front of Ashton. Clayton’s funeral is well attended. The entire town shows up, but only Ashton stays late into the night, wailing over his fallen friend.

This should be the end of Clayton’s life, but Ashton is not the normal young man he seems. Unbeknownst to the townspeople (and even himself), Clayton’s best friend has a regal lineage, going back to the gods of Nirendia. In his whispers and cries above Clayton’s grave, Ashton Jeraldson accidentally utters phrases in the Words of Creation. These are no ordinary words, and Clayton is pulled from the terrible afterlife of the Void and back into Nirendia, where his wounds from the carriage take months to heal.

Clayton comes back to a world in chaos. A bandit army pillages Perketh and other nearby towns on their way to Mallory Keep, where the lord who killed Clayton sleeps in opulence. Perketh and Dona fall and thousands of murdered people cry out to the man who speaks the Words of Creation. And after Ashton answers their calls from the Void, Clayton joins many terrifying wraiths hell bent on vengeance and justice, until their target, the bandit army, is destroyed.

But the bandit army is the least of the concerns of the southern peoples. Demon Lord Orcus hastens to the surface, searching for Ashton Jeraldson–a mortal who speaks like a god but acts like a demon lord rival, raising the dead and competing with Orcus for the title of the Lord of the Undead. Clayton joins a new self-governing people within the Kingdom of Surdel that style themselves the Reborn. Not mindless like Orcus’ minions but quick to heal and free to think.

Clayton leads the Reborn as a general in Ashton’s Army, a force equipped by expert blacksmiths and autonomous in the southern region. They are harder to kill than humans, elves, and orcs, and they’re fiercely loyal to Ashton. Together, they confront Orcus and the invading army of a hostile nation from across the Small Sea, giving Ashton time to find the heroes and weapons that Nirendia needs. Clayton is a fierce friend, a competent blacksmith, and a regenerating, plate-wearing berserker. And for Ashton Jeraldson, there is no more trustworthy and useful friend to have on a planet invaded by demons.

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A Nirendia Journey: Ashton Jeraldson

Ashton Jeraldson, son of Karl and Margaret Jeraldson, lives in the town of Perketh in the Kingdom of Surdel with his best friend Clayton Achates. Ashton and Clayton apprentice to the local blacksmith, known across the Kingdom of Surdel as Master Nathan, a smith of renowned talent and unimpeachable character and dependability.

Clayton is the more gifted blacksmith apprentice, and Ashton doesn’t take his job too seriously. He expects Clayton will eventually become the town’s blacksmith after Master Nathan retires, allowing Ashton to work with Clayton every day at the forge until they both grow old together. But a terrible tragedy takes the gifted apprentice and best friend away. The town mourns, including Clayton’s young wife Riley, whom the pair of friends had been picking flowers for when the son of a southern High Lord’s carriage overtook them on the main cobbled throughfare of Perketh. Ashton mourns his friend at his graveside, even after Riley departs for her home, until an unexpected magic resurrects his friend from the grave.

In the Orcusinian, the first four books of the Age of Magic, the winds of fate sweep Ashton throughout the land of Surdel, from small towns like Perketh to the capital of Kingarth. He becomes known as the Necromancer, a man who raises the dead to take vengeance on the living. But Ashton is not the only necromancer on the world of Nirendia. Deep below the surface, a demon lord named Orcus, Lord of the Undead, stirs. As the chief necromancer in the universe, Orcus does not take kindly to imposters or to those who harness the Words of Creation, gifts from the gods and the original Creators whom have been destroyed by demon lords like Orcus and the Prince of Demons Demogorgon.

Ashton assembles a motley crew of demon fighters: a darkly-aligned paladin; the last prince of the dark elf Etyrian Empire; a red-haired princess coming into her magical powers and deeply wronged by Ashton’s actions; and a psycopathic wood elven archer intent on wiping all orcs from the face of the world. They partner with a chaotic neutral demon lord, one of three vying for power on the planet, who does not appear to lust for the death of all living creatures. But Lord Orcus is strong, far more powerful than any other creature on Nirendia and killable only by few weapons in the universe. To defeat him, Ashton and his cohorts must find those weapons and the creatures able and willing to wield them, before every person on Nirendia becomes just another mindless undead minion of Lord Orcus’ army.

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