A Nirendia Journey: Cedric and Allison Arrington

Cedric Arrington

Cedric Arrington, son of Sylas and Henrietta Arrington, lives at the foot of Mount Godun in the Kingdom of Surdel. Like his father, he becomes a paladin through an unbreakable oath to the Holy One, and eventually he leads the order like his father did. He even marries the first female paladin in history, Allison Arrington, who wields the Twin Sisters, one sword of which is created out of thin air by the Holy One.

Paladins may be some of the most important and powerful warriors in the land, but a paladin’s life is filled with sorrow. Outcast by the Kingdom of Surdel and not allowed to own land or titles, they live as vagabonds in a country that persecutes them. They remain in Surdel because that’s where they’ve known the demons will be breaking through the surface, and they’ve known an apocalypse is coming for thousands of years.

Cedric and Allison raise two sons Jonas and Sylas, each destined to become paladins as well, and a daughter Sarah who looks up to her mother. While Cedric is the leader, Allison is one of the most important paladins to ever exist. Unlike all other paladins who specialize in smiting and attacks, Allison’s swords specialize in protective magic–without which, the paladins would most certainly be doomed.

Allison Arrington

By the time that Cedric becomes the leader of the paladins, their number is reduced to dozens, but they are the only real force on Nirendia capable of fighting and destroying demons, thanks to their pact with the Holy One. But the Holy One is the very reason that the paladins are outcast, hated, and driven from most towns. She’s not the goddess every male heir to the paladin title is promised. She’s something else entirely.

As the demon lord Orcus rises from the underworld with an army of undead, the world changes, and the perception of the paladins changes with it. The Holy One and her order of paladins change too, inheriting new powers as she takes on a general, The Necromancer Ashton Jeraldson. As an apocalypse threatens, Cedric and Allison must own their past, present, and future; not only for the sake of their children, but also for the sake of all creatures on Nirendia. For no parent wants their child tumbling through the terrible Void, falling in tortured agony until finally called upon by a demon lord to perpetuate their suffering on another. And nowhere in all of the worlds of the universe does anyone fight harder against this future than Cedric and Allison Arrington and their three dozen paladins of Nirendia.

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