A Nirendia Journey: The Rasalaseds

The human Visanth Empire was modeled after the dark elven Harenyadae Empire as both nations were neighbors south of the Small Sea. The Visanthi ruler family is the Rasalased family, which immediately before the Age of Magic is led by King Jofka and Queen Sabarna.

King Jofka was a conservative, traditionalist monarch in Visanth who became controversial in the years immediately before the Age of Magic. He was a carefree spirit who believed in projecting power over local kingdoms and municipalities, and this led to a direct conflict with the Kingdom of Surdel which destroyed much of Visanth’s navy and ultimately resulted in his assassination at the hands of Theodore Crowe of Surdel.

The consequences of Jofka raiding Surdel also include the militarization of his son, Crown Prince Jandhar, who breeds dragons to directly assault the Kingdom of Surdel. This invasion ultimately fails to conquer Surdel but significantly weakens the kingdom during a simultaneous invasion by Demon Lord Orcus, the Lord of the Undead, which has potential consequences for the entire world.

Under the direction of Roshan Rasalased, the second son of Jofka and Sabarna, the Visanth Empire rebuilds, regroups, and prospers. Unlike his father, who projects power and dresses ostentatiously, or his brother Jandhar who comes of age as a warrior wraith hell bent on punishing the men who killed his father, Roshan acts as spymaster and prefers to stay in the shadows. He acts through emissaries, generals, and nobility and matures into a competent leader through the careful instruction and guidance of his mother.

Queen Sabarna received a focused education and is a gifted researcher in archaeology at the University of Scythica in the capital of the Visanth Empire. As a widow of a king, Visanth culture expects her to stay in the shadows and guide her son King Roshan into leading his empire.

However, Sabarna is elevated to President and Headmaster of the University shortly after her husband dies, where she oversees daily research activity.

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