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So, looking through my posts about predictions for episode 9, I was almost completely on point except for predicting that they would keep Ramsay imprisoned into Season 7. That was obviously wrong. Let’s go through all the stuff that I had gotten right about the episode.

  1. Ramsay killed Rickon Stark with a bow, as he was waiting for Jon Snow to attack. (first prediction, second prediction)
  2. Ramsay tried to torture Sansa from behind his bars (boy did that backfire!) (prediction)
  3. Davos found something about Shireen and he is most certainly going to confront Melissandre about what she did (prediction)
  4. The siege of Mereen was over in a heartbeat after the dragons and dothraki showed up (prediction).

There is no current prediction that is significantly off track. You can see the predictions I have for Episode 10 of Season 6 (Who else is dying in Season 6, a GoT prediction and End of Season 6 and Season 7, a GoT prediction). The latter is especially detailed as it goes pretty indepth into how I see Season 7 unfolding.

One of the more exciting things is how the Iron Islands plotline is moving along. I like this better than the books so far. It looks like Daenerys has already made up her mind about whose claim she will be backing, and the confrontation with Euron is going to make great television.

Despite my misgivings about the Dorne plotline being mangled and the King’s Landing pacing / rationale not been fleshed out enough for it to make sense, it’s obvious the showrunners love the show and material, and after Episode 9, I’m not complaining anymore. If they never show Dorne again, great. I would be really surprised if my predictions for King’s Landing (Margaery and Tommen dead, Cersei’s revenge, etc.) do not come true. Everything seems to be falling in place as I expected. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not (considering this is a show that you aren’t supposed to be able to predict).

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