Who else is dying in Season 6, a GoT prediction


So, this should be a fun post. Season six is on the back stretch, and we are going to have several important things happen in the remaining weeks. The Siege of Riverrun. The Battle of Winterfell. The Death of the Bad King. The Tower of Joy Reveal.

The Siege of Riverrun

Let’s go with these in order. At the Siege of Riverrun, a plot will fell the castle, not a military maneuver, because Jaime wants to return quickly and get this over with. The Blackfish will probably seem to die but will survive (in keeping with the books).

The Battle of Winterfell

The Battle of Winterfell will be anticlimactic. I think they’re going to imprison Ramsay despite him doing something particularly awful. What awfulness can Ramsay do at this point? Well, he still has a Stark boy (Rickon) who has been such a minor character that no one reading the books or watching the show has really given him much thought. Well, he’s going to be the first real “surprise” death, and it will be at the hands, arrows, or daggers of Ramsay. I doubt he’ll feed the boy to the dogs. He’ll probably just parade the dead boy around during the Battle of Winterfell or something. This will be the only Stark that dies this season. Arya should survive. She still has a list to cross off in Westeros. Jon will be proclaimed King of the North by the people, who will apologize and prostrate themselves for accidentally forgetting “the North remembers.”

The Awfulness that is King’s Landing

The Mountain is finally going to kill a bunch of the religious zealots, including the traitorous religious nutjob cousin Lancel Lannister who was boning Cersei for a while. Margaery is going to die from something stupid, instead of something heroic. And Tommen is probably going to leap from the tallest parapet because he’s an idiot child king with a flair for the Romeo and Juliet dramatic. Cersei will die a lot inside and will be a shell of her former self with no children. Jaime will arrive after all of this happened, and Cersei will lash out as is her wont to do. The Mountain kills more people, probably just to appease Cersei being angry. Maybe he’ll kill Uncle Kevan Lannister. He’ll definitely obliterate anyone around Margaery when she dies (looking at you, Septa Unella). In the books, Kevan dies to Varys, but he’s gone way past his expiration in the HBO series. It’s his time to die. So, after years atop the pedestal of power through the Baratheon/Lannister alliance, the Lannisters will be left with just Jaime and Cersei. They’re screwed. We’ve lost another King. Who will be the next one? My guess is the Queen Mother will ascend the throne for now.  I expect all or nearly all of this to happen in the final episode.

Other shit that is going to happen

Davos and Melissandre are going to have a conversation that has been inevitable but that she has been stalling. He is going to find some witness or some item that is going to remind him of Shireen, and these two are going to have a confrontation. Melissandre is likely to admit that she burned Shireen for no damned good reason, and Davos is going to have a moment of passing frustration and anger. I doubt he’ll hit her over it, but if he does, I don’t think any fan will hold it against him. More in character, he’ll just have one of his “I’m so angry at you, I don’t know what to say” moments where he just walks away muttering about gods and stupid people. Salt-of-the-earth, this one.

Three episodes left, folks. Get excited for this week’s episode, which may even show the Mountain killing some religious nuts (if you believe the preview).

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