End of Season 6 and Season 7, a GoT prediction

Episode 9 is going to be mostly about Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton at Winterfell. The last episode, I believe, will deal with Cersei’s revenge and the fall of the King. So, let’s get down to brass tacks. What the heck is about to happen? This is all speculation, so this is not so much spoilers as educated guessing. Still, be warned that I’m taking a dive into Season 7 speculation too.

The Battle of the Bastards


I’ve already covered this in the last prediction post, but Jon and Ramsay will face off but neither of them will die. Rickon Stark will die early in Episode 9. Ramsay will kill him in a torturous way, but I don’t think it will be dogs. I think it will probably involve Ramsay killing him quite leisurely while he waits for Jon Snow. I think he will literally be killing Rickon to pass the time, probably with a bow-and-arrow or something. Jon becomes King of the North by unanimous consent of the northern houses after the battle. Ramsay is a prisoner, just so he can say rude things to Sansa during her prison visits over next season, undoubtedly. Eventually, he’ll die, but it will be next season, and he’ll probably be turned to undead first while rotting in a cell or something. Because they didn’t kill him first, this will probably have some lesson to it (if George was writing it, not so sure about the showrunners), where someone we like will be felled or turned to undead because Ramsay was left to turn instead of just killing him and being done with it. The guy is already a murderous freak, so being undead won’t be that much different.

The Siege at Mereen

This went on for a long time in the books, and nothing really happened. The show is going to dispose of this siege very quickly to show how strong Daenerys is with her dragons and this new horde of Dothraki. This may not happen until next season (Season 7) but that would be a shame. It’s a chance for the showrunners to end this on a high note, in a season where they have misfired in so many ways.

King’s Landing


Cersei is going to use Wildfire to burn most if not all of King’s Landing to the ground. She’ll probably launch this attack after Tommen dies to being a self-pitying idiot (again, I think he’s going to fling himself from a window after Maergary dies–a prediction I’ve been making for a while now). Oh, the poor people of King’s Landing, right?

This is an inconsistent people with no real principles. They loved Maergary but would let her be locked up for no real reason, allowing this High Sparrow character to impose his will on their nobles and indeed their King and Queen. Look at a contrast of this loyalty with the people of Riverrun. These Tully commoners were so loyal to their Lord that even though they knew he was under duress and had not seen him for years, they immediately obeyed his orders and would have killed the Blackfish at what is obviously a duress command.

Poor people of King’s Landing? No. As I’ve said before, this population followed no real fantasy tropes and their reactions have been highly inconsistent and illogical. They’re going to burn for their lack of loyalty to Margaery (their previously popular but suddenly forgotten queen) and Tommen will join them in the flames. Cersei will eek out her time as a grieving, hollow mother who has had her vengeance. I still think Tyrion kills Cersei. Jaime will probably die to Brienne because that would be his most powerful death and the one with the most setup. Probably. Not until Season 7 or even 8 though.

The deep dark future of Season 7


The kingly position will defer to the new King Jon Snow in the North, and it will setup a rivalry with Daenerys when she arrives. I have a feeling that Bran will be involved with stopping this fight before it starts. He will announce that Daenerys and Jon Snow are kin, and Jon will take on the name of Targaryen. “The one that was promised” will be truly shown in a public spectacle with a dragon trying to burn Jon with fire, but Jon will survive and emerge from the flames like Daenerys did. He is the Azor Ahai, as I and many have predicted through the years.

Daenerys and Jon will be the power couple that sits atop the throne. If they survive the war with the Night King, I believe they will marry, but that’s a long way away. They turn their attention toward the Night King, and their flames engulf the legions of the undead.

The Knights of the Winter War


Any knight with a Valyrian sword is essentially a chosen warrior in this major war, because other than magical fire, the Valyrian sword and such artifacts are the only known weapons against the White Walkers. This is going to be an important distinction, and many unknown houses and characters are going to become major heroes just because they are the only people in the world who can kill White Walkers. Here is where the swords currently reside and where they will likely be when the war occurs:

Ice (Ned Stark’s sword) was acquired by Tywin Lannister and reforged into two swords, Oathkeeper and Widow’s Wail, which were passed to Jaime Lannister and King Joffrey, where they then passed to Brienne of Tarth and then King Tommen, respectively. Brienne will die wielding it, I believe, in a very valiant effort to protect her lieges. Tommen will essentially lose it in the fire at King’s Landing where it may be found, but it may sit out the rest of the war or be melted by the magical fire attack by Cersei. So, we may lose this part of Ice permanently.

Longclaw has passed from Lord Commander to Lord Commander, and now is being wielded by Jon Snow. Here is a list of some of the other known swords and who has them / where they were lost/last seen:

Heartsbane: Samwell Tarly
Lady Forlorn: House Corbray
Longclaw: Jon Snow
Nightfall: House Harlaw
Oathkeeper: Brienne of Tarth
Red Rain: House Drumm
Widow's Wail: King Tommen (likely lost after Season 6)
Valyrian steel arakh: Caggo
Valyrian steel axe: House Celtigar
Brightroar: Somewhere in Valyria (may be important since Euron Greyjoy is 
believed to have sailed there)
Dark Sister: Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers
Lamentation: Lost in battle, Storming of the Dragonpit.
Orphan-Maker: Jon Roxton
Truth: Moredo Rogare of Lys
Vigilance: Ormund Hightower
* all Maesters have Valyrian steel chain links around their neck, a mask,
and other Valyrian artifacts which could be melted down
* the old Targaryen crown was made of Valyrian steel. It was lost in Dorne.
* Euron Greyjoy has an entire armor suit that is made of Valyrian steel. In the
books, he has obviously sailed to old Valyria and acquired a lot of Valyrian steel.
He also has a Valyrian steel-inscribed dragon horn that is supposed to be able
to ensnare dragons. He may be a bigger character than most viewers realize. In
the books, he essentially has the most Valyrian steel of any one person in the
entire world.

Each of these new ones could be result in a new major character joining a Game of Thrones in Season 7.

The Three Dragon Riders


The first two dragons are essentially a lock for Jon and Daenerys. The third dragon? I’m predicting it’s Tyrion but it damned well might be Euron. The guy has so much Valyrian steel that he’s just inscribing it into everything in the books. In the books, he also has a dragon horn that was supposedly used in Valyria to ensnare the wills of dragons. Either the guy dies quickly and forfeits all of his precious Valyrian steel, possibly to Asha Greyjoy after she kills her uncle, or he becomes the third rider.

I’m rooting for Tyrion on this matter. It is very possible that he is also a Targaryen, fathered by Aerys with Joanna Lannister (the King supposedly took “liberties” with her during her bedding ceremony and openly lusted after her). If you haven’t heard the theory, let me lay out some of the details.

In the books, Tyrion is not just Lannister blond, he is so blond as to be platinum blonde like the Targaryens. He also has an eye that is almost black, which is meant to enhance his deformities in the book but deformities are common amongst the Targaryens because of the incestuous nature of the family. This black eye may actually be a dark purple (common from Targaryens). Tyrion is a freak to the Lannister crowd, but he would not have been to the Targaryens.

Tyrion has also always had a fascination with fire since he was a boy. He stares at it constantly, and he has always had a fascination with dragons. There’s also the scene with the dragons at Mereen where they did not kill him. It’s very likely that they realized an affinity with him.

Both Jon and Tyrion’s mothers died from complications during child birth. Leanna Stark and Joanna Lannister, both of whom lay with Targaryens (if the theory of Joanna is to be believed). The “theory” of Leanna is not really a theory. It has been so thoroughly telegraphed in the books and the series, that the Tower of Joy scene is an inevitability. There would have been literally no reason to show this scene in the TV show if this wasn’t a clear thing. You are going to see the Tower Scene, Leanna telling Ned about the parentage of the kid, and then she will die and Jon Snow is going to be OBVIOUSLY revealed in the TV show as the subject of those whisperings. Just watch. It’s happening.

Anyway, that’s enough speculation for now. The last two episodes are probably going to redeem a lot about the misfires this season. The King’s Landing ridiculousness with the High Sparrow and weirdly complacent population will be done in the final episode. The Dorne subplot will move to something slightly more coherent (I expect them to start joining in a reasonable storyline soon). Arya will be in Westeros for Season 7. Bran will join the Jon Snow team. We’ll have 4 starks together, in the same city, before you know it! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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