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Alan Tudyk (Firefly/Serenity, 28 days, A Knight’s Tale, Death at a Funeral) has offered to read the winning story for the Con Man contest on Inkitt. If you’re unfamiliar with Alan, he’s an actor who usually plays an eccentric character in whatever movie is graced with his presence.

In Death at a Funeral, he played a nervous suitor of one of the protagonists who takes the wrong drugs before meeting her parents, and he ends up stripping naked at a funeral. In 28 days, he plays a humorous homosexual drug addict who has one of my favorite lines in cinema “Oh my God! Look at my package!” In a Knight’s Tale, he plays a man of few words, but of which most of those words hilariously threaten Geoffrey Chaucer. In Firely, one of my favorite TV series of all time, he plays pilot Hoban Washburne, a brilliant character who comes to a very untimely death in the movie Serenity.

For those familiar with Firely, you know that the series was poorly pitched by Fox and doomed to failure, despite the fact that it should have been a surefire winner. His new series Conman appears to be a parody of his life and those of the cast after finding fame in the ComicCon circuits. Anyway, as a promotion for the series, he has agreed to voice a short story for Firefly or Conman, and I really couldn’t pass up taking a shot at some Firefly fanfiction. You can read my entry here:

Serenity: The Dream that Never Was

If you like it, please vote for it. Regardless, definitely check out more of Alan Tudyk’s performances. Whichever author ends up winning this competition, you can rest assured that the reading of the winning story will be a lot of fun.

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