Deadpool Movie Review

efj6me5So, a friend of mine managed to snag a bunch of tickets for an advanced screening of Deadpool in Pittsburgh yesterday, and I thought I would share my perspective on the movie.

First, I have never read the Deadpool comics. I have seen several humorous Deadpool cosplayers on the internet. I have watched the X Men Origins: Wolverine debut of the character, and so I was very misled about who or what Deadpool actually was in the comics. I think I’m the main target audience for this movie, as far as demographics go. I’m a man, under 40, who likes superhero movies, action, nudity, magic, science, cursing, gratuitous revenge killing, and tight outfits. I also don’t mind someone breaking the fourth wall at all, and that’s a really good thing, because Deadpool is going to be all-up-in-your-grill, if you know what I mean.

So, that disclaimer out of the way, as someone who has never read a Deadpool comic and has absolutely zero invested in the character or his interactions in the Marvel universe, I absolutely loved the movie. So did everyone in the theater. I’m pretty sure that people outside of the theater loved the movie, simply because everyone who left the theater was in such a great mood as they interacted with their community. Okay, that’s probably taking things a little too far. But that is exactly what Deadpool is.

Ryan Reynolds, as you probably guessed from his twitter account, is perfect for this character. The interaction he has with Morena Baccarin is hilarious. The interaction he has with unicorns is both disturbing and hilarious. Miniature hands? Yeah. Disturbing and hilarious. Francis? Let me spell it out for you: h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s (you’ll get this when you see the movie).

What you can expect from the movie:

  1. Insults
  2. A hilarious Marvel cameo
  3. General hilarity and slapstick
  4. Violence
  5. Nudity
  6. Fourth wall breaking
  7. Disturbing things done to unicorns
  8. Ridiculously funny credit scenes (intro and outro)
  9. A satisfying story
  10. Action
  11. An elevated level of sarcastic wit when you leave the theater

Overall: 5 stars. I went to the movie expecting something specific, and it delivered exactly what I was expecting and more. Hilarious.

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Rex Jameson is the author of the three novels in the Primal Patterns series and half a dozen short stories. An avid history buff and an unabashed nerd with an appetite for science fiction and fantasy, he loves to create complex speculative fiction with layered characters. He earned a PhD in Computer Science at Vanderbilt University and researches distributed artificial intelligence in robotics. Rex and his wife Jenny live in Las Vegas where they enjoy hosting family and friends.

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