I miss you, Mitch

Why do we always lose our best comedians and actors to drugs? Mitch Hedberg was one of those guys with a crazy, unique delivery style and a truly random source of inspiration–every day life. He died of an overdose of cocaine and heroine in a hotel in Livingston, New Jersey on March 30, 2005 (tomorrow will be 7 years, so I’m making him a post in remembrance). Here are some of my favorite videos.

His long-awaited introduction to the Canadian market (lol)

David Letterman stand up (one of two, I believe)

Purple people and twin beds:

Another trip to Canada:

His delivery took a while to develop. Earlier, he didn’t have the pauses. Here’s one of his from 1995.

One of his best comedy CDs was Strategic Grill Locations. Youtube has a few of the excerpts from the live show of this (no video). I’d recommend picking up the CD if you like the above. Pretty sure he’s extremely high here.

The CD you buy at stores was edited by Comedy Central and is much better quality.

Anyway, raise a glass for Mitch tomorrow. The world needs more laughter, and he brought the funny well.

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Rex Jameson is the author of the three novels in the Primal Patterns series and half a dozen short stories. An avid history buff and an unabashed nerd with an appetite for science fiction and fantasy, he loves to create complex speculative fiction with layered characters. He earned a PhD in Computer Science at Vanderbilt University and researches distributed artificial intelligence in robotics. Rex and his wife Jenny live in Las Vegas where they enjoy hosting family and friends.

8 Responses to I miss you, Mitch

  1. Jack Wallen says:

    Mitch was my favorite commedian. He was truly a gifted man. The world of comedy lost something special when he died.

  2. He was so funny. I really loved his style and miss his comedy.

    • Rex Jameson says:

      His delivery style was so unique, and that kind of trademarking always sits with you. I didn’t get a chance to see him live, and that sucks. He came to my university months before he died, and I didn’t even realize it until after he’d left. I thought, “I’ll catch him next time.” There wouldn’t be a next time 🙁

  3. medmcn says:

    Hate to admit I didn’t even realized he had died, really too bad as he was tremendously sharp and funny.

    • Rex Jameson says:

      Thanks for the post, Ed! I’m not even sure it made headline news at the time. I can’t remember how I found out about it now. I think my girlfriend might have told me. She knew I liked him.

  4. Lilac Wolf says:

    So sweet of you to post this memorial. Guy deserves it, as Ed said, he was “sharp and funny.” I saw him live years ago with my husband, it wasn’t long before he died. I can’t remember how I heard either, but it should have been bigger news.

    • Rex Jameson says:

      You got to see him live? I’m so jealous. He came to my town months before he passed, but I didn’t realize it until after he left. “Guess I’ll catch him next time.” Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be a next time :(.

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