Goblin Rebellion Released

The Goblin Rebellion, book 2 of the Primal Patterns series, has been released to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords, and I’m super excited. The Goblin Rebellion continues the tapestry of plots from Lucifer’s Odyssey and really ups the seriousness, mayhem, and heartache. I’m slating the third book Shadows of Our Fathers for release in November.

So, what is The Goblin Rebellion about?

Well, the Uldram Catastrophe destroyed a lot of immortals. The elf Routan, former head of the most powerful corporation in Arnessa, is the sole survivor of the Shevarash family, and he’s been driven mad by visions of his ghostly children. Meanwhile, shadows come through the terrible opening and wreak havoc on neighboring elven galaxies, spreading more woe and destruction. King Elandril continues to search for a peaceful coexistence with the demons, and King Lucifer commits whole galaxies from Chaos to the task of sealing the rift at Uldram.

The grieving Routan finds a willing sponsor for his military research in Jehovah of Order, and together, they make sophisticated weapons with the intent of stopping the demons from forming a permanent bond with the elves. Jehovah continues to hold Lucifer and Anne’s son Christian in the heart of Order, and Gaea begins having nightmares about the destruction of planets in Order as her husband Jehovah raises a genetically-engineered army of immortals led by the archangel Michael to annihilate any elves foolish enough to side with Lucifer.

Within Chaos, the Agalal family plots another assassination attempt on the Kadingir family, and as Lucifer and Sariel are the only remaining Kadingirs, they must keep one eye on their clan enemies while the other focuses on harvesting the Chaos libraries of all of their formerly forbidden knowledge, so the demons can protect themselves against the coming onslaught from Jehovah.

The scale of The Goblin Rebellion is bigger, and Archimedes interacts with the demons more to help explain the foundations of the primals and the universes around them. Did I mention the mechanized suits, shallow ziplines, and arc lightning? I guess you’ll just have to read to find out :D!

Are you doing giveaways like you did with Lucifer’s Odyssey?

I’m going to be doing a Library Thing giveaway for The Goblin Rebellion in 2 weeks. So, sign up on Library Thing if you haven’t already and enter for a chance to win a Kindle copy of The Goblin Rebellion.

I don’t see a paperback. Are you releasing one?

Yes, but it may be a month or so before the paperback will hit the shelves. I’ll be sure to update everyone when that happens.

About Rex Jameson
Rex Jameson is the author of the Primal Patterns series of novels and the Perspectives series of novelettes. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife Jenny and a cadre of psychotic calicos who sometimes ambush him in his sleep. He recently earned his PhD in Computer Science from Vanderbilt University and is thoroughly nerdy. Rex is also an avid movie buff who likes to torture his wife with practical jokes and inappropriate public displays of affection. You can delve deeper into his demented mind at http://rex-jameson.com and find out where he buried the bodies on Twitter at https://twitter.com/rexjameson_fic.

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