OK, Rachel Bloom. I heart you.

So, I’m married. I want to go ahead and admit that right up front. But every once in a while a video comes along that shakes me to my foundations. OK, it doesn’t really do that, but it’s super awesome. It’s also not safe for work. Rachel Bloom is a recent graduate student from NYU, and she’s working on a comedy CD and Youtube platform in the February/March time frame of next year. You can read more about her in an online interview here (I SWEAR I’M NOT STALKING HER OR ANYTHING :P).

I think she is definitely on the right track. Her first major video is a very modern ode to Ray Bradbury for… um… amorous relations. It’s not safe for work (the F-bomb is not only part of the title but also a recurrent refrain). I can’t recommend this video enough. 100% nerdy awesomeness is contained therein.

If there was ever a time to be a Sci-Fi author, it’s now, right? LOL.

The Cheaters video she has up is also pretty funny as well, and since it’s about a test for the Great Gatsby, it’s totally relevant to this blog, right?! That’s what I thought too!

Edit: Completely unrelated to books, but here’s another funny one I found of hers. It’s demented. I guess most of her stuff is (and will continue to be, I hope).

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