Movie Review: TrollHunter

So, I have this addiction. Sometimes instead of writing or researching, I’ll browse around Netflix and pick out random movies. This fascination with mostly low budget film has resulted in me rolling around on the couch for thirty minutes laughing at the absurdity of Megashark versus Giant Octopus (Syfy is by and large a terrible, terrible network and 30 minutes was the extent of my willingness to play along) and the remake of Moby Dick (also SyFy), but it has also resulted in me finding gems like 13 Assassins and the surprisingly good TrollHunter.

TrollHunter Trailer:

TrollHunter impressed me in a few distinct ways. First, it went with a Blair Witch angle and actually nailed the type of first person, campy camera crew feel. Second, Norway is just a gorgeous country, and I’m pretty sure you could film an old man running through the country in his skivvies and you’d at least have a 3 out of 10 star film review from me. And third, the pacing, story, and willingness to kill a main character was appreciated. Once the director did that, I was expecting the worse for our film crew, but it built a living folk hero instead.

I was very pleasantly surprised all around with the film. Definitely an indie-budget movie I would recommended. Even the special effects are 9x better than what I expected.

Review: 4.0 out of 5.0. Recommended.

Happy reading and viewing everyone!

Edit: Just found out that Rotten Tomatoes gave TrollHunter an 82%, so I’m definitely in agreement with critics on this one!

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