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The Red Poet Audiobook and Beyond

Hello everyone,

As mentioned in other posts and newsletter mailings, Adam Gold has run into scheduling and health issues, and his timeline for taking on The Red Poet and The Queen’s Consort has been pushed back to 2026. Because of this delay, I began reaching out to some of the top names in audiobook narration, and Adam and I have also been discussing options and timing.

From responses to posts on this blog and to newsletter mailings, the feedback from you, the fans, has been generally positive on waiting for Adam to become available again. I’m more than happy to wait until 2026 to continue on this trek, but at this stage, I wanted to let everyone know that there are two options.

We could wait for Adam Gold to become available in 2026 or we could give Tim Gerard Reynolds a chance to record The Red Poet in the 2nd half of 2024 and stick with him for the rest of the series. For those unfamiliar with Tim’s work, he narrates many high quality fantasy works including: Michael J Sullivan’s various works (Riyria Revelations, Legends of the First Empire, etc.), Edward Robertson’s works (The Cycle of Galand, The Cycle of Arawn, etc.), Pierce Brown (Red Rising), Michael Wisehart, Mark Lawrence, Jonathan Renshaw, etc. At the moment, the option for Tim would be to record the 4th book in the series (The Red Poet) and beyond and then maybe go back and offer the first three books from him after the series is finished.

From the various fan feedback, it seems like the overall preference is for Adam Gold to complete the series when he becomes available in 2026-2028. However, we could switch and potentially rerecord everything over time in Tim’s unique voice and immersive characterizations.

What do you guys think? BTW, first poll on Word Press. Could go terribly wrong, and I may have to redo this at some point. Apologies for any issues experienced.

Age of Magic Audiobook Narration

Who should finish the audiobook series for Age of Magic (The Red Poet and beyond)?

Thanks for your answer!

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