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The People’s Necromancer Release

PeoplesNecromancer_WrathNRuin_BlueFantasyThe People’s Necromancer is finished and set for release on all vendors as part of the Wrath and Ruin box set. 24 exclusive sci-fi and fantasy novels from award-winning and USA Today Bestselling authors for just 0.99 during preorder. This is a limited edition set that is only going to be available for sale for 3 months (down by April). We are trying to get this out to as many people as we can. Our goal is to hit New York Times Bestselling status, which requires tens of thousands of sales (we’re actually inching our way toward 10,000 total sales during preorder alone). We’re quite a bit short on the Apple and B&N sales though, so if you have $0.99 and you want to help us reach our goal of possibly hitting NYT Bestseller status, we would REALLY appreciate your help! Please, oh please!

Anyway, here’s the final info on The People’s Necromancer, my new high fantasy novel which is being released exclusively with this brand new set.  4 cents per novel during the preorder period. Amazon bestsellers, USA Today bestsellers, and award-winning fantasy and sci-fi! It’s an absolute steal. Help us out!

Here’s the info on my novel as well as purchase links to Amazon, Apple, and Nook/B&N!

Title: The People’s Necromancer
Purchase Preorder in Wrath and Ruin Box Set (ebook: Amazon | Apple | Nook/B&N | Kobo)
Series: The Age of Magic (1)
Genre: High Fantasy
Release: January 2nd, 2018 (Preorder @ 0.99)
Word count: 60,000
Status: Preorder
Maps: Surdel (Black & White | Color)

Amidst the darkest days of antiquity, mankind discovers a new kind of hero.

For thousands of years, mankind warred without magic. Peculiar abilities were buried in history along with the storied paladins and the mysterious dark elves who rarely ventured into human towns.

That all changes at the end of the Tranquility Era, when a young man named Ashton accidentally raises his murdered best friend Clayton from the grave. Because of his mistake, Ashton becomes the focus of manhunts, armies, and the King’s judgement, but Ashton is not the biggest problem in the Kingdom of Surdel.

The golden age of man is coming to a close and enemies surround the civilized world. Lulled into a false sense of security by isolation and pervasive peace, human lords hatch petty schemes to weaken their rivals and gain favor with the throne. Meanwhile, an ancient darkness stirs beneath the Great Northern Mountains and the orcish hordes grow restless just beyond the Southern Peaks. Out of the chaos at the end of the Tranquility Era, a new breed of hero arrives to forge an age of sorcery and mayhem. And into this chaos comes the Necromancer!

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