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Lucifer’s Odyssey FREE on Amazon

Thanks to the Amazon KDP Select program, I will be offering Lucifer’s Odyssey, the first book in the Primal Patterns Series, for free to readers on Amazon from January 27th through January 29th (updated). For those who are wanting to get their hands on the first book before the release of the Goblin Rebellion next month, now is a great time to jump on board. If you have friends or loved ones that you would like to share the Primal Patterns series with, please feel free to share this offer with them. Tweet, FB, and link it in emails.

Here’s the book summary for those of you still on the fence:

Lucifer languishes in an earthly prison, awaiting the apocalypse that will finally free him after 200,000 years. Before breaking loose, he discovers that the armageddon he set in motion will destroy the capital of Chaos, his home universe.

He travels back to Chaos and stumbles upon a bloody civil war devastating his homeland. The realm’s magic wielders are firmly under the control of a rival clan, and without their protection, Lucifer’s family is in mortal peril. As old demon clan rivalries blossom and a new hostile universe expands across the known multiverse, Lucifer is faced with not only protecting Chaos from annihilation but also saving his rightful place on the throne.

Lucifer’s Odyssey is the first book in the Primal Patterns series, an episodic glimpse into an alternate multiverse where many of our biblical histories and fables are premonitions of upcoming conflicts between immortals with god-like powers over truth and shadow. The sequel, The Goblin Rebellion, is set to debut in February.

Length: 85,000 words (350 pages)

PRODUCT WARNING: This series contains strong language, violence, epic battles, magic, religious figures, inter-dimensional travel and multiverses, alternate histories and fables, demons and elves making whoopy, and some fish-headed guys talking and playing cards. You’ve been warned.

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