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Covers and Updates, oh my!

If you’ve been following my blog here, then you are probably aware that I’ve been looking lo_oldcoverfor a new cover artist to finish my novel series. Believe it or not, this has stressed me out since 2012 and was one of the reasons I had put Shadows of Our Fathers on the backburner. On that note, I’m still looking for a beta reader or two, so if you would like to get an edited draft in your hands, please let me know.

Anyway, for the cover redesigns, I’m going with Damonza as they are very reputable, have great work, and I took the plunge. So far, I’m extremely impressed with their work. Let me show you one of the first designs they sent and the design I am moving forward with (but with adding Lucifer’s wings).

I cannot speak more highly of working with Alisha and Chrissy at Damonza. Since this first image, I’ve asked for modifications to make it fit with the book, and they’ve come through with flying colors. It’s amazing what they can do with images these days. I seriously couldn’t be more impressed, and I’m looking forward to the designs for The Goblin Rebellion and Shadows of Our Fathers.

There are two other big updates to make. The first is that I plan on writing different prologues for the release of the third book Shadows of Our Fathers. These will be notes from Archimedes lectures to his students on primal patterns and will help readers visualize the primals and how they project universes, shadows, souls, etc. I may put some drawings in here to help.

The second update is that my short story “Remembrance Day” was accepted into the final consideration list for the PARSEC Short Story Contest covering “A hidden underlying truth”. I’m really excited about this hard sci-fi short story, and I hope it reaches a good audience. In bad news, my story “Shelly and the Contessa” was rejected by the Triangulation Short Story Contest for “Appetites” theme. The rejection letter was really generic and literally just said “Thanks for sending ‘Shelly and the Contessa’ our way, but I’m going to pass”. “Shelly and the Contessa” was written specifically for the contest, and was sort of written more for a female audience so my wife would read it ;D. I’ve included the short story below. Who knows, maybe I’ll make the story into a novel one day. Hope you enjoy!

ShellyAndTheContessa (complete short story submitted/rejected from Triangulation)

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