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Lucifer's OdysseyAbout Sariel

Based on reviews at LibraryThing and Amazon, Sariel appears to be the most polarizing character in the first book of the Primal Patterns series (people either totally love him or absolutely and completely hate him and close the book), and I thought it would be a good idea to explain where he’s coming from. One of the problems with a character that has lived for hundreds of thousands if not millions of years, is there is no possible way to do their backstory justice in one novel. And for this story, that kind of lifespan is simply necessary. This series takes into account creatures that can guide evolution over billions of years. These are long-lived creatures that are essentially immortal unless you kill them.

Anyway, Sariel is a complex character that has a lot of showing instead of telling in Lucifer’s Odyssey, which is appropriate since this is mainly his brother Lucifer’s story. This post is not an apology for or an insult to readers who dislike Sariel. Sariel is who is. But the least I can do is flesh out what has been described and shown in the book and provide readers with a glimpse into Sariel’s life.

First, Sariel was born the third son of the ruling dynasty and most important family in Chaos, but the third son of the most important family is not all it’s cracked up to be. His parents have no expectations of him other than to stay out of his brother Lucifer’s path to the throne. Similarly, Michael is the younger of the twins and destined to play second fiddle to his brother for the crown.

Michael ends up going to the military and becoming a mid-tier officer before rebelling against his family and the Council of Wizards by joining Jehovah in the libraries and learning expressly-forbidden knowledge about how the primal pattern works. Sariel rebels in his own way and essentially drowns himself in irresponsibility, which only gets worse as the centuries roll by and no one in his family cares if he succeeds or fails. Very early in his life, he learns that if he just goes with the flow, things seem to work out for him.

The Kadingir brothers grow up with the Elven Prince Elandril in their household, and Elandril is of a similar mind to Sariel. Because of their commonalities and lack of ambition, they become best friends and have a huge influence on each other. They cheat off each other’s tests at Chaos University and both get expelled. They chase women together and throw caution to the wind. Neither is destined to be a king–though Elandril stumbles into the throne because of The Great War. Elandril’s two twin sisters Persephone and Anne are actually higher on the royal hierarchy in Arnessa, and so he plans to become a forgewright–a life of honest labor. Elandril and Sariel both attend the Primelven University in Arnessa and continue to barely pass classes, drink a lot, and pursue the same women around the Elven capital. All of this is stated or shown in the novel.

Batarel begins mentoring Sariel and guiding him into the Council, but Sariel is more interested in working as an assassin. He has no care for theory, and he’s more interested in applied sciences–specifically killing people with zinanbar (dead souls) and high energy physics (Einstein-Rosen bridges to exotic energy in the Chaos Primal, which is essentially perpetually in the state of potential matter at the moment of creation). Like most of Chaos, Sariel is extremely ignorant of how the universes projected by the Chaos primal work, and he’s perfectly fine staying that way. He embraces his college lifestyle, and without parents that care to change him, he never has any reason to change.

Sariel begins to finally have responsibilities in The Goblin Rebellion. In fact, you could say the first three books in the Primal Patterns series have a pretty consistent plotline that shows Sariel’s progression toward becoming a responsible adult in the Kadingir clan. But before The Goblin Rebellion, he uses his own uncle as a crutch. Batarel is his mentor and responsibility shield.

Now, why didn’t I put all of this in the book? Well, I did, but through showing instead of telling. And just as with the previous million years of Sariel’s life, Sariel’s story is a footnote to his brother’s path to the throne. He has the right to rebel against authority and responsibility, just as readers have the right to hate him for it.

Hopefully, that clears up Sariel’s story a little bit.

About Lucifer and Anne

Throughout the book, there’s a prophecy hinted at by many characters. Elandril fell in love with Nina Agalal, thinking it would help fulfill the prophecy that promised a permanent link between the Elven Realm and Chaos. His father Veldin mentioned the prophecy in the orb that showed his death at the hands of Eranos. The elves have been trying to make this happen since the Great War. In fact, Elandril being placed in the Kadingir house through his childhood was mentioned as a way to build this bridge between the royal families (both are ultimately Kadingir clans, btw, as children of Archimedes). Batarel mentions the prophecy directly after Lucifer’s proposal. This was a foretold union, and Batarel had prepped Anne for it. THAT is why she’s in no way surprised by this idea of marriage. Batarel saved her from death and brought her up as his own child to prepare her for a union with Chaos. He makes sure Lucifer knows that a union between the Elven Realm and Chaos is important to sway his nephew further along to do exactly what he knew his nephew would do.

And Lucifer proposes not because he knows this is the love of his life, but because he’s been groomed for over a million years to take over the Chaos throne, and he knows that both the Elven Realm and Chaos are in danger of annihilation. He trusts Batarel’s advice, and Jehovah had shown his hand. How can Lucifer solidify the bond between Chaos and the Elven Realm? By marrying an elven princess. It clicks in his mind, and he says as much. Batarel says as much. This is not your typical romance. It’s what kings and queens sometimes have had to do throughout Earth’s history. If you have a responsibility to your country (or universe) and you see a match that can protect your country (or universe), you do what’s best for everyone. It just so happens that they’re children of prophecy and well matched in the next chapters.


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