Lucifer’s Odyssey | The Goblin Rebellion | Dead Winter

Lucifer's Odyssey
Title: Lucifer’s Odyssey
Purchase (ebook): Amazon | B&N | Smashwords
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Series: Primal Patterns (1)
Release: 09/01/2011
Word count: 91,000

A civil war rages across the heavens between Lucifer and Jehovah, but it’s not the story you thought you knew …

Lucifer languishes in an earthly prison, awaiting the apocalypse that will finally free him after 200,000 years. Before breaking loose, he discovers that the armageddon he set in motion will destroy the capital of Chaos, his home universe.

He travels back to Chaos and stumbles upon a bloody civil war devastating his homeland. The realm’s magic wielders are firmly under the control of a rival clan, and without their protection, Lucifer’s family is in mortal peril. As old demon clan rivalries blossom and a new hostile universe expands across the known multiverse, Lucifer is faced with not only protecting Chaos from annihilation but also saving his rightful place on the throne.

Title: The Goblin Rebellion
Purchase (ebook): Amazon | B&N | Smashwords
Release: Before 03/14/2012
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Series: Primal Patterns (2)
Release: 03/10/2011
Word count: 97,000

Five years after the Uldram catastrophe, the elf Routan sits in a shattered home filled with the faded memories of his murdered children. King Elandril has done nothing to bring Lucifer and the demons to justice, and despite the assurances of the government, Routan remains convinced that the Elven Realm is in grave danger. Assistance comes from the creator of the Order Primal, and together, he and Routan will shake the foundations of the multiverse.

Title: Shadows of our Fathers
Series: Primal Patterns (3)
Release: 11/01/2012
Estimated word count: 80,000
Current word count: 45,000
Status: Drafting
Price: TBD


Title: Dead Winter
Genre: Fantasy
Series: The Winter Phenomenon
Word count: 55,500 (Drafting)

Over a period of five years, Alex Winter watched helplessly as his entire family was exterminated. The killers came for his father first, then his mother, grandfather, and finally his sister – who jumped in front of a fireball to save Alex when he was just a boy. Despite the deliberate nature of the murders, there was never a trial.

Alex and his family had the misfortune of being the direct descendants of the most notorious mass-murdering wizards and witches of all time. Lesser men might have hidden behind obscurity and anonymity, but Alex chose a different path – he began systematically, publicly and legally killing the most celebrated duelists of the age, daring anyone to take him down as they had his sister. But when Alex is finally approached by his sister’s murderer, he’s faced with a choice: follow his ancestors into notoriety or help fight the real evil that threatens the capital of the magical world.

Chapters: 1 (Offline until edited)

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